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Sony and Microsoft teaming up? has just reported that a historically “reputable” source has just given them a vague tip about talks between Sony, Microsoft and potentially another company. Nintendo Enthusiast’s source has given the following information (rewritten in the words of nintendoenthusiast):

  1. Sony and Microsoft are terrified of the upcoming generation. Sales are down each holiday season, Apple is taking over market space, and Nintendo has decided to join the hardcore industry more whole-heartedly.
  2. Epic, EA Games, Crytek, Konami, Square Enix, and other powerhouses are being more assertive, having more of a say in the matter – they are somewhat directing what will happen in the next generation. And they are swaying the heads of both companies in certain directions.
  3. Sony’s executives are enticed by the money flowing from Microsoft’s coffers.
  4. Sony and Google had been in talks around GDC time, this year.
  5. [This was his most confusing statement:] Microsoft opened the doors for talks, some “party” walked in to negotiate, and Sony had to reluctantly agree.
  6. As Katuragi left Sony, a psuedo-truce was able to form. [I take this to mean: Sony exec, Tetsuhiko Yasuda, once said that he would consider working with Microsoft. But Ken Katuragi, the father of the Playstation, was against it. After he resigned as honorary SCEI chairman in June 2011, it opened up the opportunity again to discuss a partnership.]
  7. There will be dramatic revelations that will affect the entire industry.

Seems quite far fetched at first but given Sony’s financial situation and their inability to make much or any profit for the past generation, it seems quite possible that a partnership could form between the two companies. Nintendoenthusiast claims that the source tipped them about the black Wii U consoles, nintendoland, clickable analogue sticks and other information before E3; therefore making the source more reputable.


Darksiders II 3-4 times bigger than prequel is reporting that Jay Flitzloff from Vigil has recently revealed some facts about the scope of the game.

“It’s around 3 or 4 times as big in terms of area. The first area/world contains more dungeons than the entire first game, and the first world will last you at least 10 hours.”

The game launches in August on PC, PS3 and Xbox360 whilst the Wii U version is scheduled to launch with the system sometime in October or November

Vita titles moving to Wii U?

A neogaf poster has recently provided a fresh batch of rumours about Nintendo’s current operations and plans for the year.

A couple of tidbits.

  • 3DS XL/NSMB is being considered a 3DS “re-launch” for America
  • After the new design gets its time in the sun, Nintendo will feel comfortable talking about the future of the Wii U.
  • Some rather impressive non-port titles are coming in the next 365 days. Some spin-offs and ports, too. But there are original titles there.
  • Vita dying a slow sales death is convincing some publishers to stay off Wii U (due to an expectation of being able to port between) and getting some publishers to consider moving Vita titles to Wii U.
  • Nintendo retail reps are talking to stores to give Wii U a big retail presence – big demo units, prominent placement, and training workers to explain why the controller is like an iPad with buttons.

Very interesting and very possible.

Wii U to run 3D games in 1080p 60fps?

According to, their anonymous source has informed them that the upcoming Wii U will be able to run 3D games at a stunning 1080p, 60fps. However it was added that this capability will not be available at launch (this could simply mean that no launch games will take advantage of the potential) and that it would only be possible if the gamepad’s second screen wasn’t used simultaneously. Quite impressive if true as 3D games do require significant power to run.

I’m off to Spain!!

I’m off to spain for a week!! so please excuse my absence for the next few days, I will be back with plenty of news soon!!

Wii U ports cost less than 1 million euros

It has been reported on Neogaf that Ubisoft is spending “less than a million euro to make some of the [Wii U] ports” of this year’s multiplats. The information came out during an interview where a Ubisoft representative was asked about how much money is being spent on Wii U games this year.

“out of 7 games we are planning to launch, 5 games are ports, so those are games for which there is a quite small reinvestment to do. The two games that are original, are ZombiU of course and Rayman, so those ones of course are more expensive but we are not talking about games today, like we were spending on Ghost Recon or Assassin’s Creed. so they are much smaller of cost. because as we’ve always said when there is such an innovation the need is not to have big production value but to concentrate on the innovation, this is what we are trying on Rayman and ZombieU. for the other five games, you are talking about small budget, I’d say of less than a million euro to make some of the ports, I’d estimate. so together I don’t think we have a huge investment on the Wiiu”


Considering that games can cost up to 100 million dollars to make, it seems that Wii U ports are not too expensive to make and that can help explain why the console is getting so many big 3rd party games this close to launch.

2 Wii U multiplats to look “much better” on Wii U is reporting that their source (who they have not named) has seen 2 multiplatform titles that, on The Wii U, “will boast a higher texture resolution than what we will see in these games compared to the PS3 and 360 versions, making it look much better.” The two games were not named and may not even be announced for the Wii U officially yet but the source claims that one will be a driving game and the other a 3rd person or 1st person shooter.

This is exciting news, any guesses as to what these titles could be if the report is true? My bet would be that these titles are from EA.

Bring GTA V to Wii U (Petition)

A petition has recently been created on asking Rockstar to bring the immensly highly anticipated GTA V to the upcoming Wii U console. Petitions have proven effective in the past with regards to video games as demonstrated by Operation Rainfall, therefore there is no reason why huge support couldn’t sway Rockstar to support the new console with their most anticipated game. Support this petition and share it if you wish to see GTA V on the Wii U

Glasses Free 3D without “viewing angle problems”

During an interview with Hiphopgamer, the CEO of StreamTV Networks has revealed that his company has managed to achieve 3D without glasses technology that is “equal to even the 3D with the glasses.” Furthermore, he continued to say that their technology provides 3D without glasses with “no viewing angle problems” unlike the 3D in the 3DS.

Whilst this technological breakthrough is exciting, it will be interesting to see how expensive the technology will be, and how long it will be before it becomes cheap enough to appear on most everyday screens.

Ubisoft leaks Wii U “O-Live” system

One of the lead developers behind the Wii U exclusive Zombi U may have leaked an unannounced Wii U feature. In the above gameplay demonstration, the developer describes one of the games features at the 12:10 mark.

when one of your friends gets infected you get a message sent to your, your game via the new O-Live system on nintendo

From the sounds of it, this seems to be a major slip up and potentially an accidental leak of an unannounced  feature of nintendo’s new online system for Wii U called O-Live.