Ubisoft leaks Wii U “O-Live” system

One of the lead developers behind the Wii U exclusive Zombi U may have leaked an unannounced Wii U feature. In the above gameplay demonstration, the developer describes one of the games features at the 12:10 mark.

when one of your friends gets infected you get a message sent to your, your game via the new O-Live system on nintendo

From the sounds of it, this seems to be a major slip up and potentially an accidental leak of an unannounced  feature of nintendo’s new online system for Wii U called O-Live.


2 responses to “Ubisoft leaks Wii U “O-Live” system”

  1. Q. Annie says :

    opps! I wonder why it’s named “O-Live”. It sounds too much like the system OnLive.

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