Wii U ports cost less than 1 million euros

It has been reported on Neogaf that Ubisoft is spending “less than a million euro to make some of the [Wii U] ports” of this year’s multiplats. The information came out during an interview where a Ubisoft representative was asked about how much money is being spent on Wii U games this year.

“out of 7 games we are planning to launch, 5 games are ports, so those are games for which there is a quite small reinvestment to do. The two games that are original, are ZombiU of course and Rayman, so those ones of course are more expensive but we are not talking about games today, like we were spending on Ghost Recon or Assassin’s Creed. so they are much smaller of cost. because as we’ve always said when there is such an innovation the need is not to have big production value but to concentrate on the innovation, this is what we are trying on Rayman and ZombieU. for the other five games, you are talking about small budget, I’d say of less than a million euro to make some of the ports, I’d estimate. so together I don’t think we have a huge investment on the Wiiu”


Considering that games can cost up to 100 million dollars to make, it seems that Wii U ports are not too expensive to make and that can help explain why the console is getting so many big 3rd party games this close to launch.


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