Vita titles moving to Wii U?

A neogaf poster has recently provided a fresh batch of rumours about Nintendo’s current operations and plans for the year.

A couple of tidbits.

  • 3DS XL/NSMB is being considered a 3DS “re-launch” for America
  • After the new design gets its time in the sun, Nintendo will feel comfortable talking about the future of the Wii U.
  • Some rather impressive non-port titles are coming in the next 365 days. Some spin-offs and ports, too. But there are original titles there.
  • Vita dying a slow sales death is convincing some publishers to stay off Wii U (due to an expectation of being able to port between) and getting some publishers to consider moving Vita titles to Wii U.
  • Nintendo retail reps are talking to stores to give Wii U a big retail presence – big demo units, prominent placement, and training workers to explain why the controller is like an iPad with buttons.

Very interesting and very possible.


One response to “Vita titles moving to Wii U?”

  1. Noire says :

    WWHOOOO!!! 😀

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