Sony and Microsoft teaming up? has just reported that a historically “reputable” source has just given them a vague tip about talks between Sony, Microsoft and potentially another company. Nintendo Enthusiast’s source has given the following information (rewritten in the words of nintendoenthusiast):

  1. Sony and Microsoft are terrified of the upcoming generation. Sales are down each holiday season, Apple is taking over market space, and Nintendo has decided to join the hardcore industry more whole-heartedly.
  2. Epic, EA Games, Crytek, Konami, Square Enix, and other powerhouses are being more assertive, having more of a say in the matter – they are somewhat directing what will happen in the next generation. And they are swaying the heads of both companies in certain directions.
  3. Sony’s executives are enticed by the money flowing from Microsoft’s coffers.
  4. Sony and Google had been in talks around GDC time, this year.
  5. [This was his most confusing statement:] Microsoft opened the doors for talks, some “party” walked in to negotiate, and Sony had to reluctantly agree.
  6. As Katuragi left Sony, a psuedo-truce was able to form. [I take this to mean: Sony exec, Tetsuhiko Yasuda, once said that he would consider working with Microsoft. But Ken Katuragi, the father of the Playstation, was against it. After he resigned as honorary SCEI chairman in June 2011, it opened up the opportunity again to discuss a partnership.]
  7. There will be dramatic revelations that will affect the entire industry.

Seems quite far fetched at first but given Sony’s financial situation and their inability to make much or any profit for the past generation, it seems quite possible that a partnership could form between the two companies. Nintendoenthusiast claims that the source tipped them about the black Wii U consoles, nintendoland, clickable analogue sticks and other information before E3; therefore making the source more reputable.


One response to “Sony and Microsoft teaming up?”

  1. Thecompetition says :

    Seems too crazy to be true but I wouldn’t be too surprised if it were

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