Fifa 13 – 6 Wii U gamepad features has just revealed 6 ways in which Fifa 13 will use the Wii U’s gamepad when it launches later in 2012. The game was just confirmed to have superior visuals than other consoles’ versions and here are a few Wii U exclusive features (more information including screenshots will be available in september’s edition of the official nintendo magazine):

1. Touchscreen Tackling

FIFA 13 Wii U makes it easy for players to switch between defenders as you can take control of a player by tapping on him on the Wii U GamePad’s touchscreen. You can then tap on the attacking player, either to man mark him or tackle.

In many games, switching between players is done automatically, so this gives you an extra level of control. You could imagine the man marking tactics being useful when defending against top class players such as Ronaldo and Messi.

2. Touchscreen Passing

So we’ve learned that you can defend using the touchscreen but, once you’ve put in that tackle, and regained possession, you’ll then be able to lay the ball off using the GamePad’s screen.

Yes, you can pass in FIFA 13 Wii U using the touchscreen, meaning you are now able to play long balls and creative passes that weren’t possible in previous games. It sounds like this will give you the tools to pass as well as Spanish geniuses Alonso, Xavi and Iniesta.

3. Touchscreen Shooting

You are able to choose exactly where you want to aim the ball thanks to Touchscreen shooting. Shaking the controller or pressing L3 (clicking the left analogue stick) brings up an image of the goal on the screen and then you simply tap on the position you want to place your shot on the goal.

This will make shooting more accurate and realistic than ever before as rather than pressing a direction with the analogue stick or D-Pad, you are now able to enjoy precision shooting by blasting the ball exactly where you want to.

4. Manager Hub

Anyone who follows football will know how important starts are in modern football. We are bombarded with possession, assists and shots on target stats in the media while managers even use Prozone stats to analyse how their own players are performing.

So, FIFA 13 Wii U promises to make it easier than ever before to analyse stats and make managerial decisions in the Manager Hub. You can tap on any player in your team to get full statistical analysis. You can also see where shots are being taken from and it will help you decide who to man mark.

5. New Free Kick and Penalty System

You already know that you can shoot using the Touchscreen so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you can take free kicks with the GamePad. However, it’s not simply a case of tapping on the screen to place your free kick.

Instead, you lift up your GamePad and look through the screen to aim the ball, before putting curve on the ball and shooting. Basically, you are seeing it from the free kick taker’s perspective and you can move the GamePad around to see where your players are positioned; this should come in handy when you’re taking a free kick from a wide position and are looking to cross the ball into the box.

6. Manage The Match On The GamePad

As already mentioned, you can analyse the match by looking at the match stats on the GamePad but you can also adjust tactics on the screen when playing as the manager

You can also make half-time team talks to motivate key players. You can choose the manage the team like this in all of the main game modes and intervene if things aren’t going well.


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