Wii U messaging system “much better than the 360”

According to Fifa 13 producer Matt Prior, Fifa 13 on the Wii U will have an improved messaging system than the other systems. Prior describes the ability to simply touch a tab on the Wii U gamepad to be able to message friends with an on screen keyboard.

“A friends tab that’s always there in the front end on the [Wii U GamePad] so you can tap it, you’ve got a list of friends, the friends list from the Wii U console.”

“You can tap an invite to them, or you can tap a message to them. Obviously, touch screen messaging is much better than the 360 Live virtual keyboard where you’re moving it up and down. We really want to connect friends and allow people to game with friends as easily as possible.”


One response to “Wii U messaging system “much better than the 360””

  1. hardcore says :

    always a good thing . we should expect it anyway nintendo has so many sources to borrow from for ideas and inspiration. i cant wait for miiverse thiughh looks like the best console online system yet

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