Wii U gamepad renders faster than TV

Digital Foundry has uploaded a video onto youtube.com showing an in depth analysis of the Wii U gamepad’s rendering speed as opposed to the TV’s. Whilst some expected to find a few milliseconds of lag on the controller, the result was quite the opposite. From the video you can clearly see that the Wii U gamepad is actually a tiny bit faster than the TV, therefore putting to rest any false assumptions that the controller has latency issues.


One response to “Wii U gamepad renders faster than TV”

  1. uh20 says :

    the only thing left to assume is the tv, there’s no doubt the gamepad can render fast, but with all the speeds a tv could render at, there may be a genuine problem the other way around, where the gamepads way too ahead of the tv, Nintendo please add an option for this

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