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Assassins Creed 3 Live or Die edition confirmed for Wii U


Ubisoft has indirectly confirmed that the Live or Die edition of Assassins Creed 3 will be available on Wii U by allowing you to purchase the title from the official Ubishop.


Monolithsoft tells fans to watch Tokyo Game Show


Monolithsoft has tweeted to fans telling them to look out for this year’s Tokyo Game Show, specifically the 20th of September. Could this mean more information on their new IP for Wii U? This is a rough translation of their Japanese tweet:

I’ve updated the page of the “Welcome to Monolith Soft” [HP] soft monolith. September 20 (Thursday) held “Tokyo Game Show 2012.” We will report Riki is enthusiastic this year. Do not miss it!

Straight Right developing two more games for Wii U


Straight Right, the development studio behind the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3 has recently been interviewed by During the interview it was revealed that Straight Right is developing a new IP for Wii U and one other title based on a big franchise coming out in 2013.

We’ve made a number of bets on the Wii U, so we’re certainly hoping that the platform comes strongly out of the gate. We’ve got two other titles in development.

One of them is original, our own IP, and another is based on another big franchise that will come out in 2013. It’s a big title and you will have heard of it.

Far Cry 3 and Hitman Absolution coming to Wii U?


Another rumour has just come from a poster at forums. A member named Heyheyharold has posted a topic where they have explained that during their latest visit to Gamestop the store’s manager let slip some information regarding the Wii U. According to Heyheyharold, after pre ordering a number of Wii U games, the manager of the store told him to return on september the 13th in order to pre order more games that have yet to be announced for the console. After asking what these titles were, the manager didn’t hold back from revealing the information and proceeded to explain that Hitman Absolution, Black Ops 2, Far Cry 3 and Medal of Honour: Warfighter would all be revealed at Nintendo’s upcoming NY conference. He also revealed that the console would be launching at midnight on black friday for a price of $300. Do you think this is true? I think it’s definitely possible especially launching the console on black friday, it could force enormous amounts of people who plan on buying the console to pick it up day 1. Fingers crossed the EU doesn’t need to wait any longer than the US. Click here to see the post on

Wii U priced at £199.99?


A member of forums named djlewe78 is claiming that when he went to pre order his Wii U console at his local GAME store in the UK, he asked the employee what the price of the system was. To his surprise the employee replied with £199, this is quite remarkable as no one so far has been able to reveal the price to the public openly since nintendo has yet to announce it officially. Since GAME is taking £20 deposits from customers who pre order, it makes sense that the company would tell its customers the price of the console when they make their deposits. As we await September 13th’s Nintendo conference in NYC, keep in mind that this conference may only be revealing the Wii U’s price and release date for North America and Nintendo of Europe may have decided to disclose the UK price earlier and more subtly. I shall investigate soon by visiting my local GAME store, check back in a week for an update.