Wii U priced at £199.99?


A member of thewiiu.com forums named djlewe78 is claiming that when he went to pre order his Wii U console at his local GAME store in the UK, he asked the employee what the price of the system was. To his surprise the employee replied with £199, this is quite remarkable as no one so far has been able to reveal the price to the public openly since nintendo has yet to announce it officially. Since GAME is taking £20 deposits from customers who pre order, it makes sense that the company would tell its customers the price of the console when they make their deposits. As we await September 13th’s Nintendo conference in NYC, keep in mind that this conference may only be revealing the Wii U’s price and release date for North America and Nintendo of Europe may have decided to disclose the UK price earlier and more subtly. I shall investigate soon by visiting my local GAME store, check back in a week for an update.


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