Ubisoft “believe”s in Wii U

During a recent interview with venturebeat.com, Ubisoft has discussed and re-enforced its strong support for the Wii U, explaining that it plans to continue supporting both casual and core gamers on the sytem even beyond the currently announced 8 games. When asked about future support for the system Ubisoft had the following to say:

GamesBeat: How much further into the future do you see your support continuing? Are you going to wait and see how everything is received at launch first?

Key: Well, we have a lot of titles, a lot of upside on the Wii U for Ubisoft. We’re going to be the number one third-party publisher. When Wii U becomes a hot machine, Ubisoft is going to be well-positioned. We have Rayman Legends in Q1, and we haven’t announced any other games beyond that, but… All we can say is that we’re all in on the machine. We believe in it.
Read more at http://venturebeat.com/2012/11/07/why-ubisoft-has-eight-games-coming-for-the-wii-u-interview/#9tC0zDCC4X7keL41.99


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