Expect a Metroid and Metal Gear title soon for Wii U


This is the same image that originally leaked the new Wii U Yoshi title that was announced at the recent Nintendo Direct. The same direct also announced a new Super Mario game to be showcased at E3 and other titles on the list have already been announced such as Resident Evil. So far, unless this has all been a huge co-incidence, it is safe to assume that the entire list is leaking new Wii U games soon to be announced. Perhaps Dragon Quest 10 indicates a close by western release of the game, Final Fantasy could easily be Straight Right’s Wii U project to be published by Square Enix and Metroid could very well be Retro’s new title which will most likely be revealed at E3 2013.  At the end of the last Nintendo Direct, Mr Iwata assured us that more third party Wii U announcements were coming so expect these games (and hopefully more such as GTA V and Splinter Cell) to be announced soon.


4 responses to “Expect a Metroid and Metal Gear title soon for Wii U”

  1. TheOriginalUNation says :

    If it’s real, PLEASE pinch me!!!!!

  2. wiiumadgamers says :

    It would be nice to see Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes announced for WiiU as well as learn what new game Retro has been working on.

  3. donzaloog says :

    I’m hoping to get that Metal Gear game on Wii U too. It looks awesome.

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