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Organic Panic to take advantage of Wii U’s features

In an interview with Nintendoenthusiast, the developers of the indi title Organic Panic expressed their “plan to take advantage of all the Wii U features.” So expect miiverse integration and some interesting gamepad features for the Wii U version of this kickstarter funded game. However it should be noted that Organic Panic still hasn’t reached its Wii U stretch goal but with only about $19,000 to go it shouldn’t be too hard to reach. Click here for the full interview.


Call of Duty Ghosts Wii U listed with preorder bonus by Gamestop

ghosts gamestop pre order bonus

Gamestop’s US website seems to be one of the only retailers with a listing for call of duty ghosts on the Wii U, even the official Ghosts website has not updated its pre-order page. However, despite gamestop’s lack of complete reliability, I thought it worth pointing out that gamestop’s COD Ghosts listing for Wii U includes the pre-order bonus map, “Free Fall.” Don’t take this as confirmation but its definitely not a bad sign.

Slow Wii U development due to concentrated development effort for 3DS post Earthquake

Yahoo! Japan has posted an interview in which Nintendo has explained why development of Wii U games has been so slow. Other than the previously explained troubles with HD development and slight staff shortages, in 2011Nintendo was forced to concentrate its development efforts on 3DS. This is because of the impact the Tohoku Earthquake of 2011 had on 3DS sales in Japan. Nintendo was forced to increase its 3DS software output as quickly as possible and so they couldn’t allocate as many resources to Wii U development. The following is a translation of Yahoo! Japan’s interview provided by

We launched the Nintendo 3DS on February 2011 and sales were strong. Two weeks later we were hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake (Editor’s note: that’s how the Japanese call the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake) and that stopped the momentum. In august of the same year we lowered the price from the initial 25,000 Yen to 15,000 Yen, and enhanced software development at the same time, to enrich the game line-up.

That paid off and we regained momentum in Japan, but due to that we could not spare many developers for the Wii U (released in November 2012), and that led to the slow start of the console.

Nintendo opens a New Super Luigi U miiverse competition

Nintendo has announced through miiverse that it is running a competition for New Super Luigi U. The aim is to complete the gaim entirely by collecting as few coins as possible; entry is done by taking a screen shot of the stats page available once the game is complete and posting the screenshot in the comments section of this miiverse post. Unfortunately there has been no mention of a prize so don’t dedicate too many hours into beating every other NSLU owner in the world just to find out that there is no prize.

Pikmin 3 + Wonderful 101 Promotion includes Australian Wii U Owners

Gonintendo has picked up on the fact that Nintendo’s Australian website is also informing gamers that if they download Pikmin 3, they will be able to download The Wonderful 101 at a 30% discount from the eshop. So good news if you live in Australia and plan on picking up both of these games and weren’t sure whether or not the offer applied in your region.

Pikmin fans with an eye on more Wii U games releasing this winter may take note of a special offer. Those who download Pikmin 3 from Nintendo eShop between 27th July and 21st September will be able to buy The Wonderful 101 for 30% off on Nintendo eShop once it is released. This is an exclusive offer on Nintendo eShop and lasts only until 21st September.