How to fix Wii U uplay online matchmaking issues

If you’ve owned any Ubisoft games for Wii U that have online functionality, you may have realised it is exceptionally difficult to find a multiplayer lobby. The issue is not so much to do with the small community, rather the issue is to do with matchmaking. According to some users, the issue is resolved if you enable the DMZ function on your internet router for the ip address your Wii U console is connected to. The method to do this may differ from router to router but here is a general list of instructions

1) Find the ip address your computer uses to connect to the internet. Add ten to the last figure and use the new number as the ip for your Wii U. Do this by manually changing your internet connection settings on your Wii U and inputing the ip address of your choice.

2) Access your router settings from your computer. This may be done in different ways. One way is to search for a web address or ip address physically written on your router. Enter it into your web browser and you should be able to login to your router settings from there. If you see an error when entering the ip address/web address then perform a soft reset on your router (usually by pressing a button on the hardware). Then retry entering the ip address physically written on your router into a web browser.

3) You may be required to login with a username and password, likely written on the router itself. Once you have done this, search for the DMZ settings and enable DMZ for the ip address that you inputting into your Wii U earlier.


I cannot guarantee this will fix your matchmaking issues but according to many reports on miiverse it has proven successful for others. Ubisoft shouldn’t leave it to this and hopefully they will fix their uplay service on Wii U when the install base increases.


2 responses to “How to fix Wii U uplay online matchmaking issues”

  1. siolore says :

    Turn off the routers IP flood detection and turn on IPSec Pass-Through & PPTP Pass-Through. This is how i fixed it.

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