Rayman Legends Wii U outsells other versions on Amazon UK

rayman amazon screenshotRayman legends, once a Wii U exclusive recently launched in Europe on every major platform excluding 3DS. Despite being a multiplatform game, Ubisoft previously explained that they believed the game would still sell well on Wii U and may even push system sales since the Wii U’s version remains the definitive Rayman legends experience. It appears that, if Amazon UK’s charts are a reasonable sample for all sales, that Ubisoft’s prediction was correct. Rayman legends on Wii U appears on Amazon UK’s best sellers list at number 18, and judging by the red arrow beside it, this is a decrease from a previously higher position. While this doesn’t tell us whether or not the game pushed console sales, it certainly confirms Rayman Legends as one of the fastest selling third party Wii U titles, which will of course please Ubisoft. The playstation 3 version, the second best selling, appears at the 53 spot at the same point in time, with the 360 version at 61. Hopefully this will confirm Ubisoft’s confidence in Wii U as a system worth continued support


One response to “Rayman Legends Wii U outsells other versions on Amazon UK”

  1. N-Dub Nation says :

    If they want true gameplay experience combined with nice graphics and a unique replay value, Rayman Legends for the Wii U is THE game to purchase… and that’s the truth!

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